Volatility Factor

Volatility Factor’s algorithm watches the market closely and initiates trades that capitalize on market volatility.
Volatility Factor’s power comes from it lightning fast reaction and leveraging of the market’s direction.
When Volatility Factor sees a movement in one direction, most of the time it signals trades in the direction of the medium-term market impulse.
It uses powerful and sensitive money management rules to guard risk on the trade until it is exited.
Volatility Factor also takes advantage of pricing oscillations around a prevailing price point, continuing to deposit gains in your trading account.

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Volatility Factor is based on years of careful market modeling. The goal was to create an algorithm that reliably exploits common,
predictable volatility characteristics in every currency market.

These volatility characteristics can be categorized into 3 key profit points:
Profit Point #1:
Prevailing Level:
Currency prices normally hover within a predictable trading range. This macro view of the market offers a reasonably stable set of variables that can be easily modeled.
Successful trading based on market volatility requires thousands of sophisticated calculations to ensure that the channel is correctly mapped and the prevailing level accurately identified.
Volatility Factor EA is configured to automatically detect the trading channel and pinpoint the prevailing level.
Profit Point #2:
Drawdown Discipline:
Volatility Factor establishes trading positions leveraging the market trend. At times, the market experiences a genuine channel breakout situation.
During these sessions, it’s important to close-out positions to protect the trading account and stay within risk-profile parameters.
Volatility Factor has market-leading money management algorithms that closely watch trades and systematically close each position with minimum drawdown.
Profit Point #3:
Trading Frequency:
Other range-trading tools don’t have the computational horsepower and sophistication to detect and manage trading opportunities.
This results in slow trading, which keeps your capital sitting on the sidelines.
Volatility Factor’s lightning – fast trading logic quickly models the market and delivers 3-4 excellent trades per session.
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