Trader Dream

This is a ready-made trading system. The indicator is not redrawn and it is not lagging.
85% of deals are profitable. Take Profit exceeds Stop Loss 3-15 times!
The indicator works on all currency pairs and time frames.

trader dream screen

There are two simple ways to filter the indicator signals:
-Compare direction with the indicator from the older time frame.
-Use standard MACD diagram and do not enter the market if the diagram’s value is close to 0.

Input parameters description:
-DrawHistogram – enable/disable drawing of a histogram.
-DrawArrow – enable/disable drawing of arrows.
-DrawLine – enable/disable drawing of lines.
-Mode – work on closed bars/on the current bar.
-Alerts – enable/disable alerts.
-E-mail notifications – enable/disable e-mail notifications.
-Push notifications – enable/disable push notifications.

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