The 5 Pips Secret Scalper Hourly Trading System

The “Scalper Hourly” uses no complicated rules and will be very easy to use for any trader – even if you have never traded Forex before.
All you need to know is how to open a couple of trading charts on your trading terminal.
The Strategy does not require a trader to follow major Forex rules like: do not trade against a trend, ignore signals against a trend – because the Strategy itself – confirms trend following!
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You only need to spend a few minutes at certain hour that you choose.

The Question is How many time you wish to trade?
If you can trade 2 hours/day,you will gain US$800 /Month.
It is Amazing Profits with Capital US$1000,isn’t it?

How about 3 hours,4 hours?
You can calculate by your self.
But remember ,do not be greedy on Trading.
I can only advise 2 hours is good enough.You can use the rest of your time for other activities.

Click Here to visit Scalper Hourly website


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