Next Dimension Forex System


When you start using this profitable system you will truly experience a new dimension of forex trading.
It has just about all the confirmation you need to scalp and long term trade.

With most systems, longer time frames tend to do better. With this system, it’s profitable even on the M1, M5, M15 time frames.
You can safely scalp anywhere from 2-10 or more pips on the M1 and M5. With Mid to Long Term trades you can make up to 200 pips per trade! With all the combination of these specially set indicators,
you are bound to make high profits.
Basically, this is a view of your chart when you add all the indicators.
Each and every thing you see in your chart is a confirmation! Yes.
You want a safe signal; well you cannot get any safer than this.
It has been known that you should trade with the trend.

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Another fantastic setup is the ADX and CCI triggers.
This indicator not only shows up and down trends but it also shows the strength of the up and down trends.
As you can see it will show uphill, downhill, weaker, ranging. This way you can even filter trades based on the strength.

With a shape tool within MT4, you can highlight the Buy/Sell zone effectively.
You can use the belt of signals to measure the distance and plot them on the chart with the color accordingly.


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