Forex Trendicator

How exactly Forex Trendicator helps you to make profits
Forex Trendicator is based on a balanced system that combines classic indicators with three-step filtration of a market noise and false signals during flat.
So here are the key points you may like to know:


1. Constant Market Inspection
Forex Trendicator collects data from most timeframes at the same time and checks basic points.
This process is controlled by the set of indicators that send their “decision” further on filtration.

2. Triple Swiss Control
When the initial data is collected and primary signals are formed they are filtered by Three-Step core filter system.
What is filtered: noise, false signals and flat.

Extra filtration step is oriented on those signals that should come with Stop Loss and Take Profit but according with the actual market such SL and TP are not applicable for the order.
It means that Forex Trendicator thinks about your safety first.
If it can’t advise on those levels, the signal is considered as not sufficient and is ignored.
This way we have reached almost an ideal level of accuracy. Here is the example on signals and how to read them.
Arrows are painted above or below the previous bar at the opening of a new one. Once the arrow is drawn,
it will be never repainted, you may sure about it.

3. “TrendyTips” technology
We also offer a choice of trading with Forex Trendicator.
You may switch to aggressive and most profitable style by following ARROW-signals.
Or, you may stick to conservative style with setting Stop Loss and Take Profit per each order minding your safety first.
Specially for such traders we have implemented “TrendyTips” technology that draws the lines at your chart offering Stop Loss and Take Profit.
Stop Loss level – it is oriented on local minimum that makes it rather short but effective,
most of the orders will not reach such a Stop Loss level.
While Take Profits are usually set at a larger distance that ensure bigger profit and helps to cover any loss if it happens.

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