Forex Tool Shed

Forex Tool Shed offers tools for the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. These tools consist of Expert Advisors (EAs),
Indicators and Scripts, which will manage and monitor your trades, make your trading experience less stressfull,
and allow you to spend less time in front of your charts.

Our premier product is TM, the Trade Manager, an MT4 Expert Advisor designed to manage your Forex trades for you.
TM can set your initial Stop Loss and move the stop from 1 to 5 times to specified targets as your trade moves along in profit.
It will also Take Profit at 1 to 5 specified targets, closing a specified lot (or percentage) size at each target.
Additionally, TM offers two pip by pip Trailing Stops and a fractal trailing stop.
TM will also alert you via popup, sound, email, or cell phone when a stop is moved,
when profit is taken, when the trade is stopped out,
or when a specified profit level has been achieved.

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