Forex Sakura Robot


Forex Sakura Robot is:
100% Autopilot: install & earn style. Just install the robot and monitor the results.
Full Stealth Mode: invisible trailing. Advisor stores current values of SL/TP in memory, so the broker can not know them.
Easy to use: the robot can be used as a novice and advanced user. Product Installation takes less than 5 minutes.
Small start-up capital: just $100 will be enough to use the robot.
One-time trailing TP: to minimize the risks by reducing the parameter TP.
Platform MT4 (4/5 digits brokers): robot automatically determines 4 or 5 -digit broker. You do not need to do any calculations, just prescribe the necessary parameters in pips and do not think about it.
Hedging: You can enable or disable this mode. If your broker prohibits hedging – just turn it off.
Auto Time Settings: often, the cause of the poor performance of the robots is improper installation is the difference between the time on the Metatrader platform and GMT – offset.
Forex Sakura robot performs these settings automatically.
Spread Control: controls the size of the spread, as well as blocks the opening trades in a disadvantageous situation.
Email & Push notifications: You will always be up to date!
News Filter: based on the analysis of historical data.
Sensitive Trailing SL: 0.1 Pips has a step and allows you to squeeze the maximum profit from each transaction.
Buy/Sell price levels: allows you to restrict the operation of the robot within a certain price.
Activity time: binding to the active robot trading hours makes trading more secure and profitable.
Function menu: You can upgrade your robot under the trade style, for this purpose we carried to the main menu a lot of settings.
Safe Friday: you can control the time of the trade, as well as prohibit the opening of orders on Friday.

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