Forex Profit Robot-We build PROFITABLE forex expert advisers. builds PROFITABLE Metatrader expert advisers (trading robots).
When you receive the EA you’re free to sell it to your customers, or simply to use it trading your own forex account.
We do not only develop Metatrader Expert Advisers (trading Robot) but we use a meticulous scientific approach to develop PROFITABLE Expert Advisers  in 10 days.
We follow a rigorous 7-step process to do so. This might sound too good to be true, but we actually do that!
Just tell us which currency pair you want us to develop the EA for and we do the rest. 
We develop the trading strategy, test it on our high quality 10 years of historical data at modelling quality of 99%, fine tune it,
improve it, and do different types of robustness tests, then we release it to you only when it meets our Fitness criteria.

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Our 7-step Development Process:
1.You let us know the currency pair.
2.We develop the EA using quality historical data.
3.Test performance of the strategy on “unknown” out-of-sample quality data . If EA is not profitable then we trash it and we go back to step (2).
4.Test performance on different currency pair for the whole 10-year period to check versatility. If the EA is not profitable we trash it and go back to step (2).
5.Test for 5 different Robustness tests:
    Randomizing trades order.
    Randomly skipping trades.
    Randomizing Starting Bar.
    Randomizing Strategy Parameters.
    Randomizing History data.
If the EA does not pass any of the robustness test criteria we trash it and go back to step (2)
6.Pass our Fitness Criteria for the whole period, if it fails in any part we trash it  and go back to step (2).
  We employ a strict Fitness criteria in place:
  -Generates no less than 15% average annual return for the past 10 years.
  -Max draw down not exceeding 25%
  -Stability Index of no less that 70%
  -Passed all types of Robustness Test (mentioned in step 5)
7.Approve the strategy and release it to you.

Now you can simply sell it to your customers, start your expert adviser selling business, or trade your own account;
it’s really up to you, we give you full copyright of the developed EA.

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