Forex Private Robot

Forex Private Robot – Is your professional trader!
EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD: robot trades on 3 popular currency pairs.
These pairs have lower spreads and confident trends.
Private Robot trades almost 24h a day, because its pairs cover all sessions.
Platform MT4: (4/5 digits brokers) robot automatically determines 4 or 5-digit broker.
You do not need to do any calculations, just prescribe the necessary parameters in pips and do not think about it..

Forex private robot
Small start-up capital: you only need $ 100 to use the robot.
100% Autopilot: install & earn style. Just install the robot and monitor the results.
Dynamic Stop Loss: each order has a unique Stop Loss, depending on the market situation.
Auto Time Settings: often, the cause of the poor performance of the robots is an improper installation or the difference between the time on the Metatrader platform and GMT,
ie offset. Forex Private robot performs these settings automatically.
Exclusive Trailing Stop Loss: correct ratio of the first and start fixing without loss is the guarantee of good profit.
Invisible Mode: Expert Advisor stores current values of SL/Trailing SL in RAM, so the broker can not know them.

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