Forex MegaLiner Robot

Forex MegaLiner Robot is an Expert Advisor for all traders from novices to professionals.
Its main idea is based on breakout strategy combined with breakeven trailing.
It is a perfect combination along with Swiss quality that we offer.

Click Here to visit Forex MegaLiner Robot website.
Forex MegaLiner Robot is based on moving channels breakout strategy. A
fter you install the robot on EURUSD or EURGBP chart, M30 timeframe, you will see 2 yellow lines at your chart.
They indicate the limits of the actual price channel.
At the example below you will see that these 2 lines would stand for sell limit and buy limit orders.
In other words, when a price reaches one of these levels – a new order would be activated.



Each order has fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss (the price levels when orders would be automatically closed).
This information is sent to the broker immediately to secure orders in case a short internet failure happens.
When price reaches any of the levels, the order is triggered and becomes active.

When pending order become active, a trading has started.
Forex MegaLiner will keep a track of this order and move Stop Loss when possible to make this order “breakeven” – no loss and no profit point. In other words, when there is any profit reached it moves Stop Loss to fix it at this profitable or “zero” level.
After that when a profit grows, it will also move Stop Loss value step by step to increase the secured gains.
This method that allows squeezing more profit out of a trade by constant Stop Loss moving is called breakeven trailing system and it is the core of Forex MegaLiner profitability.
Click Here to visit Forex MegaLiner Robot website.

Forex MegaLiner Robot monitors market at all times.
When any of those pending orders are triggered into active order and closed by Take Profit or Stop Loss, it sets a new yellow Limit line and locates a new pending order.
This way, yellow lines that indicate the levels of pending orders are always at your chart.
They are self-adjustable and moving. Due to this feature, Forex MegaLiner trades nonstop, except week-ends.

You do not need any trading experience. You don’t need a have any technical knowledge to analyze market trend.
Forex MegaLiner Robot has a user-friendly interface as it trades itself… 
And you would love its easy express installation so that you do not need to be a professional in forex or in programming.
Most MetaTrader4 brokers are now using latest builds that have a new simple and effective method of installation.

You just need to receive your Forex MegaLiner package.
Extract the files from compressed archive.
Open its manual to complete the setup steps.
For complete novices this process may take the longest 10 minutes along with manual reading.
Click Here to visit Forex MegaLiner Robot website.



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