Forex JetScalper

Now you can get 50-150 PIPs daily just follow the signals of our newest development.
Believe it or not – it is a tool that is able to exactly predict the price change before it actually happens!

Basic characteristics of the Forex JetScalper:
Any currency pairs: nevertheless, we recommend to use our system on main currency pairs.
Timeframe M5

JetTrailing support: a tool that will help you to save and to increase the amount of PIPs.
At opening the order TP and SL levels will be set automatically and, when the price reaches certain level, trailing will start.


Click here to learn more about Forex JetScalper.

Easy to use: any beginner, as well as an advanced user is able to use scalper.
Installation of the product takes no more than 5 minutes.
MT4 platform (4/5 digits brokers): scalper automatically identifies 4 and 5 digits broker.
You don’t have to do any calculations.

Small starting capital: $50 will be enough to use the scalper.
Minimum risks.
Notifications: there are several types of notifications: alerts and emails.
Shows the amount of the spread, as well as the current movement of trend on the chart.
Buy or Sell is not a question for you any more.


Click here to learn more about Forex JetScalper.


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