Forex Envy

Forex Envy is a 100% automated currency trading program designed to run on the Metatrader 4 platform in the foreign exchange market.
A mathematical approach to the forex market
Forex Envy is a system based on statistical probabilities.
We have studied the forex market, and through careful analysis we have created an expert advisor that is truly profitable in live market conditions using real money.
We have found that every currency pair forms a unique pattern or “signature”.
Forex Envy uses these unique signature patterns to create profitable baskets of trades that close to form a net gain.
Forex Envy is one of the few Expert Advisors whose live results match our backtesting results.
This is because Forex Envy does not attempt to use “scalping” or high-frequency trading techniques that are unreliable in real trading conditions where slippage, re-quotes, latency, and broker manipulation are common place.

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