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FOREX4SIGNALS was founded in the year 2010 by the group of traders specialized on trust management on FOREX .
Now more than 12 traders and analytics are working together for the best results.
We are constantly improving our trading quality for the sake of your and our profit.
Now we can offer you high quality trading signals on the major FOREX currency couples: EUR/USD,
The average monthly profit with our signals is 800-1800 pips.

Click Here to join FOREX4SIGNALS Automated Trade Copier delivers each of our proprietary Forex trade signals directly to your MT4 trading account platform at the broker of your choice.


-Chief trader identifies a trade.
-He places trade in our master account.
-This trade is automatically copied in your account in less than a second via our trade copier software.

-No need of a work from you
-All of our trades are copied automatically in your account
-No experience required in trading because we do all the job for you
-No need to spend much time and money looking for the best strategy
-Small drawdown less than 5%
-You can use any broker of your choice as long as you use the MT4 platform.
-Our Forex Trading Signals ALWAYS have Stop Loss and Take Profit levels set on every single trade.
-Easy installation of the software

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