FireScalper is a high frequency trading robot that will enable you to grow your trading account consistently month after month…
and gives you a leg up on the big boys on Wall Street.

High frequency trading or HFT for short is the use of computer algorithms to rapidly trade Forex.
Highly sophisticated proprietary strategies are programmed to move in and out of trades in timeframes as little as fractions of a second.

Speed is crucial to any trader’s ability to act before other traders do.
Imagine having a high frequency trading robot that can trade and act before any other Robot or Trader…
Enabling you to rake in the profits before anyone else does.

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FireScalper provides you with:
-High frequency of trades- Which Means a high number of trades per day, more trades means more profits for you.
-3 Versions that Offer 3 Different Trading Frequencies- This means you can decide which trading frequency is best for your needs and as your account grows you can change frequencies. This way you are always comfortable with having FireScalper trade for you.
-No Grid Trading- Which means there is no account blowing risk. FireScalper wants your account to grow and not being destroyed by one bad trade!
-No Hedging- FireScalper is compliant with US Brokers. Making it easy for you to install FireScalper with any broker of your choice.
-No Martingale- Lot size is not increased if a loss occurs
-Smart Money Management for low account risk per trade- As account grows, so does profit percentage
-Consistent monthly profits- FireScalper has had consistent monthly profits and will continue to have consistent monthly profits for you!
-Pending Orders to reduce slippage and increase speed of market execution. Enabling more profits for you!
-Trailing step and trailing stop- Will enable you to lock in wins and reduce losses. Earning more profits for you!
-Low Stop Loss- To ensure smaller losses for you. Unlike other Robots and EA’s that have a 300 stop loss, FireScalper is designed to minimize losses to ensure you higher profits!
-Trades never last more than a few hours- High Frequency Trades enable you to get in at the right moment and exit with precision. Ensuring that you earn the maximum profits.
-3 versions to enhance profits reduce drawdown and fit your trading needs – Each have their own trading frequency and times, Stop loss, take profit, trailing step, and trailing stop. FireScalper covers all 3 versions below.
-Lifetime Support- Quick and detailed solutions to any problems that you may have. Answers are normally provided within hours of your support request.
-Detailed Manual- Detailed manual covers all 3 versions in depth so that you can set up each version of FireScalper quickly and easily.
-Free updates- Free lifetime updates. You will never have to pay for a newer version of FireScalper. Every time FireScalper has been updated you will receive the updated version for free!
-Has an incredibly low introductory price- Unlike shady marketers who make money off of selling you garbage EA’s, FireScalper makes most of my money by trading.

Please Click Here to visit FireScalper website.


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