Computer Repair Video Course

Computer Repair Mastery Course
-9 Hours of Instructional, High Definition Video – Instant Online Viewing
-20 video lessons covering hardware and software repairs
-Software and operating system repairs shown in Windows 7 and XP
-158-page Guide with written procedures, images, diagrams, and a glossary with over 350 terms
-Hardware repair videos use a 2 camera set up so you can see exactly what we are doing
-High quality screen captures with zooming so you can easily follow along with the software repair videos
-The most exhaustive video course on PC repair available

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Take a look at what you can do:
-Fix browser hijack malware that redirects your browser when trying to go to common websites like Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Symantec, and so on.
-Discover what each component of your PC does, how to remove it, how to install a new one, and start building computers yourself.
-Make your computer start up faster, load programs quicker, and seemlessly operate without having to wait for it to catch up or freezing.
-Lower the temperature in your computer and increase the lifespan of your computer, without spending a lot of money or time.

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Don’t Ever Step Into a Computer Repair Shop Again

Lesson 1: PC Repair Safety
Lesson 2: Data Backup
Lesson 3: Hardware Identification
Lesson 4: PC Cleaning
Lesson 5: Diagnostics
Lesson 6: Hardware Replacement
Lesson 7: Virus Removal
Lesson 8: File Recovery
Lesson 9: Windows Utilities
Lesson 10: System Utilities
Lesson 11: Factory Restore
Lesson 12: Unwanted Program Removal
Lesson 13: Junk File Removal
Lesson 14: Software Updates
Lesson 15: Windows Installation
Lesson 16: Drivers Installation
Lesson 17: Internet Setup
Lesson 18: Software Installation
Lesson 19: Windows Update
Lesson 20: User Account Customization

In addition to 9 hours of hands-on video, you’ll also get the revised, 158-page Mastery Guide…
This one-of-a-kind Guide features: Written procedures, images, diagrams, flow charts, and a huge glossary!
You’re not just getting video or just getting a book. You’re getting both! People learn in different ways…
Sometimes it’s nice to watch someone demonstrate a procedure, other times it’s good to take time and read something over a few times.
This ensures you’ll pick up techniques quickly and easily!

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