Candle Reaper

The Candle Reaper was developed by the Reaper Team and is a hardcore scalping system, where we reap the M1 candles;
it is a fast way to make a profit on your account. For this strategy it is advised to use an ECN account (low spread).

When the Reaper Team started to create this system, they tried to make it the easiest and safe,
it works with a really small SL, and therefore the loss is really small. Moreover,
 they find out how to reach the maximum profit besides this small loss. The system consists of two parts:
1: a position manager EA (Reaper Control Center = RCC), and a carefully selected and developed indicator-pack.
The two parts together form a complete system (but it also works one by one). 
We open a trade after the indicators show us to do so, then the RCC takes its part and handles our trade.

The Candle Reaper is really fast and accurate, because it was programmed in another language than the Metatrader.
The main functions can be controlled by buttons on the chart.
For example, to open a trade there is: SELL-BUY button and the CLOSE button to close the trade manually.
There is an extra button next to the others: REVERSE – with this option we can reverse our trade,
if you push it the EA will close the trade first, and after that it will open the new trade to the other direction (it takes less than 1 second).
The Trade Manager EA, called Reaper Control Center (RCC),
constantly takes screenshots while you are trading. Once you open a trade,
it takes a photo and saves it to the selected folder, and also takes a picture of the close of the trade.
Every happening is written on the chart by the RCC – It communicates with you while you are in the middle of a trade.
Finally one little thing about it: It runs continuously, not tick by tick, so your trade is under control for the whole time.

Click here to visit Candle Reaper website.


The Reaper Team worked hard for these indicators and tried more than 100-200 until now.
They won’t talk about hard technical analyses.
The point is that all these indicators in the pack are adapting to the market’s attitude.
The indicators give the current signals in every second.
The market always changes that’s why it is so important to find the reliable – i.e. adjusted to the market – indicators which always show the current parameters.
Every single indicator in the set shows the divergences, too. The signals are big numbers, arrows and also appear in the chart window and the indicator window to make your trading easier!

The Reaper Team gives you the chance to practice, to be a professional scalper.
It only takes a few days to learn how to use our system.
In the first times, we recommend that you get some experience in it,
after that you are advised to open your trades with a smaller (0.2, 0.3 lot) lot to feel the successful trading, and then became a pro scalper and raise the lot size (0.6, 0.8, 1 …) It depends on your account.

Candle Reaper systems are sold year leasing arrangement.
If you were satisfied with his performance, you can extend the rental a symbolic price of one additional year.
This amount is 1/3 original price. Of course, the system is constantly updating and improving!
These changes are free!
The support will be continuous, each user feel that the development team is standing behind you!

Click here to visit Candle Reaper website.




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