Auto Mass Traffic software

Auto Mass Traffic software

Auto Mass Traffic software is a tool that claims to help you generate massive online traffic for your internet marketing business.
It comes with extensive training material in the form of instructional videos, diagrams, and written documentation.
This training is designed to teach you how to effectively use the software.
It also claims that it does not require you to have a webpage, and does not generate traffic through search engine ranking, or PPC (pay per click) advertising.
It was created by Mo Latif. Mr Latif has also made several other programs including; Google Snatch, Slumdog Millionaire, and Rapid Mass Traffic.

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Product Features
Essentially this software is designed to use direct linking to generate traffic.
Direct linking is where you link the user directly to the product webpage that you are an affiliate with.
This method does not require you to create content such as blogs or videos, and does not require you to have your own webpage.
This can save you a lot of time and money, however there are many marketers that do not endorse direct linking because it diverts traffic to your affiliates, when you could be capitalizing on that traffic yourself.
Both direct linking strategies, and non-direct linking strategies can be effective.
It just depends on how you operate in your business.
This product has some powerful tools. One tool, which ironically contradicts Auto Mass Traffic’s claim of not using PPC, gives you large lists of sites where you can bid on their PPC services.

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